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The prevalence of obstructive uropathy linked to uterine prolapse ranges between 4% and 80%, depending on the series, probably due to the varying degree of severity of the prolapses under consideration. Renal failure or anuria is an unusual complication. Several etiopathogenic theories regarding obstructive uropathy secondary to prolapse have been put(More)
Primary osteosarcoma of the bladder is an extremely rare type of tumour, and less than 30 adequately documented cases have been registered. From a clinical and radiological point of view, it is impossible to distinguish from other types of bladder tumours, since despite the fact that calcification of the bladder wall is common in osteosarcoma, other bladder(More)
Appendiceal mucocele is a term used to describe the dilatation of the vermiform appendix produced by an intraluminal accumulation of mucus. Four pathological processes have been described that may lead to an appendiceal mucocele: obturation of cecoappendiceal communication, mucosal hyperplasia, mucinous cystadenoma and mucinous cystoadenocarcinoma. The most(More)
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is the treatment of choice in most cases of urinary calculi, with the estimation that open surgery is only necessary in 5% of all cases. In most cases, the complications derived from this technique are slight, transitory and of little clinical importance, with isolated cases of serious urological or extraurological(More)
The partial substitution of the ureter using a pediculated segment of the ileum is a technique used to re-establish ureteral transit and preserve the renal unit, following the resection of extensive ureteral lesions. Standard surgical procedure for an ileoureteroplasty consists of isolating an ileal duct of equal or greater length than the ureteral defect(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic performance of extended prostatic biopsy (PB) in prostate cancer (PC) and variables affecting positivity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients (n = 147) underwent 24 cylinder PB at the Arquitecto Marcide Hospital, Ferrol, La Coruña, between December 2002-September 2004. Inclusion criteria were the following: patients aged <(More)
Priapism associated with solid tumours is usually produced by penile metastasis or direct tumour infiltration of the corpora cavernosa. Neoplasias are responsible for between 3-8% of all cases of priapism, and in 80% of cases the primary tumour has a genito-urinary origin. Leukemoid reaction is an haematological disorder characterised by a leukocytosis of(More)
The subepithelial hematoma of the renal pelvis and ureter was described by Antopol and Goldman in 1948. Hematuria and filling defect in the renal pelvis are the most consistently recurring clinical and radiological findings. Only 21 cases were found in the literature on the subject and all of them were treated surgically, usually with partial or total(More)
Horseshoe kidney is a congenital malformation which predisposes the patient to severe urinary tract infections, due to pelvic ectasia which is inherent in the malrotation of the renal units. Acute bacterial nephritis is an evolutionary stage of the acute renal infection situated between acute pyelonephritis and renal abscess. It is only possible to carry(More)
Duplication of the male urethra is an uncommon congenital malformation. The majority of cases are diagnosed during infancy, and are detected by observing two urethral meatus, or by the appearance of some form of complication, normally of an obstructive nature. Micturitional cystourethrography is an essential test, both in confirming diagnosis of this(More)
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