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This is the first paper of a series aimed at studying the properties of late-type stars members of young stellar kinematic groups. We concentrate our study on classical young moving groups as: Local Association (Pleiades moving group, 20-150 Myr), IC 2391 supercluster (35 Myr), Ursa Major group (Sirius supercluster, 300 Myr), and Hyades supercluster (600(More)
We report the results of a high temporal resolution spectroscopic monitoring of the flare star AD Leo. During 4 nights, more than 600 spectra were taken in the optical range using the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) and the Intermediate Dispersion Spectrograph (IDS). We have observed a large number of short and weak flares occurring very frequently (flare(More)
Aims. We study how diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) measured toward distance-distributed target stars can be used to locate dense interstellar (IS) clouds in the Galaxy and probe a line-of-sight (LOS) kinematical structure, a potential useful tool when gaseous absorption lines are saturated or not available in the spectral range. Cool target stars are(More)
We present a working prototype of YouASTRO (www.youastro.org), a web-based BibTeX-compliant reference management software (RMS) for astrophysi-cal papers in the SAO/NASA ADS database. It also includes as a main feature the concept of distributed paper comments and ratings. In these paper, we introduce the main characteristics of the web application, and we(More)
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