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Transport of glycine by rat brain and liver mitochondria has been investigated by both [14C]glycine uptake and swelling experiments. Glycine enters mitochondria passively down its concentration gradient by a respiratory-independent carrier-mediated process. This view is supported by the following observations: (a) glycine inside the mitochondria reaches the(More)
Methylmalonate is accumulated in the genetically linked deficiency of methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (methylmalonic acidemia). In this condition is also observed an elevation of the glycine levels. This communication reports the inhibition of the synaptosomal glycine uptake by methylmalonate, when present at similar concentrations to those found in methylmalonic(More)
The effect of propionate and methylmalonate on the transport of glycine into rat liver and brain mitochondria was investigated. Both propionate and methylmalonate markedly inhibited mitochondrial glycine transport. These compounds also inhibited14CO2 production from [14C]glycine by isolated brain and liver mitochondria and glycine metabolism in rat brain(More)
The postnatal development of glycine synaptic receptors has been studied. Strychnine binding to the synaptic membrane fraction is very low at birth, increases thereafter, and reaches adult values at the 15th day in the brain, and at the 30th day in the spinal cord. Throughout postnatal development, there are more glycine receptors in the spinal cord than in(More)
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