J Lobo Antunes

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Benign fibrous histiocytomas (BFHs) are tumors with fibroblastic and histiocytic components without histological anaplasia. Intracerebral lesions are exceptional and to our knowledge a spinal location was not yet described. We describe 2 cases of BFHs of the neural axis: the first, a 22-month-old boy with Down's syndrome, presented with a paraparesis and(More)
The few reports about clear cell meningiomas (CCM) point to an inordinate clinical aggressiveness despite their histological benignity. We studied 5 CCM aiming to assess their clinicopathological, cytometric, and ultrastructural features. Two patients were females and 3 males, with a mean age of 36 years. Two tumors were spinal, one of the cerebral(More)
Three patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus and Parkinson's disease are reported. The recognition of this association is important because these two entities require specific therapeutic approaches. The presence of Parkinson's disease does not preclude an excellent response of the hydrocephalus to a shunting procedure. Although several reports of(More)
It has become more and more apparent that some aspects of current medical practice can no longer be kept solely within the private preserve of the profession. Medical error is now treated in an open fashion because it is clear that frank debate over its incidence, causes and mechanisms are crucial to effective prevention. This has always been one of our(More)
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