J. Little

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Any linear code with a nontrivial automorphism has the structure of a module over a polynomial ring. The theory of Griihner bases for modules gives a compact description and implementation of a systematic encoder. We present examples of algebraic-geometric Goppa codes that can be encoded by these methods, including the one-point Hermitian codes. L ET X be a(More)
Wharton for their helpful suggestions. The authors are especially grateful to John Lynch for his help in developing a behavioral underpinning for their model. provided the data. The authors also thank three anonymous for their many suggestions. Wagner Kamakura provided numerous detailed and helpful suggestions. Managerial Summary This article develops a(More)
In the early 21st century, firms are thinking seriously and practically about an interactive marketing paradigm— one that integrates mass scale with individual responsiveness. The focus of this paper is on how this interactive environment is changing the customer decision-making process. With the increased amount of information available , the existence of(More)
Efficient inspection and maintenance of complex industrial systems subject to degradation effects, such as corrosion, is important for safety and economic reasons. With appropriate statistical modelling, the utilisation of inspection resources and the quality of inferences can be greatly improved. We develop a suitable Bayesian spatio-temporal dynamic(More)
Models are central to scientific thinking and essential to many kinds of practical problem-solving. Imbued with different meanings in different contexts, the word model implies structure and relationships among variables and also conveys tentativeness and incompleteness. Building models for science differs from building models for problem solving because(More)