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Over seventy percent of unexpected infant deaths are registered as SIDS. Over 85,000 infants have been screened at birth and one month of age for risk of unexpected death using the Sheffield Score system. Scores range from below 400 to over 800 points. Infants with scores over 800 are at more than 16 times greater risk than infants with scores below 400.(More)
From 518 couples with a 1 month old baby, information was obtained on the couple's smoking habit, social class, age of mother, parity, alcohol consumption during pregnancy and respiratory symptoms of the baby. Allowing for these factors, a multivariate analysis revealed that, even allowing for mother's smoking habit, babies whose father smoked were lighter(More)
Babies discharged from special care are three times as likely to be readmitted to hospital with common acute illnesses, and to stay longer than other babies. Apnoeic episodes occurred exclusively in those infants who had not received special care, and half of all hospital admissions required less than 48 hours hospital stay, with no specific medical(More)
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