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The design of a new parallel plate perfusion chamber for cell behavior studies involving pulsatile flowrates is presented. It was based on fluid mechanical considerations to ensure a region of regular and uniform shear stress at the wall. A numeric solution of the flow was performed to study the effect of pulsating flow on the entrance length. Dye injection(More)
A new computer-controlled flow simulator has been designed to study the haemodynamic behaviour of natural and artificial blood vessels under physiologic flow conditions. The simulator can generate well characterized and fully developed laminar flow properties. It includes a unique perfusion case that imposes an axial tension on the vessel segment, and a(More)
Elementary steps in enantioselective heterogeneous catalysis take place on the catalyst surface and the targeted synthesis of a desired enantiomer requires the implantation of chiral information at the surface, which can be achieved-for example-by adsorbing chiral molecules. Studies of the structures of complexes formed between adsorbed prochiral reagents(More)
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