J. Legault-Demare

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When cells of Propionibacterium freudenreichii were incubated under fasting conditions and then plated in the presence of an inhibitor of protein synthesis, a variable but significant (greater than 10(-2) fraction of the population changed their morphology from rod to sphere, with a considerable thickening of the cell wall. This change was accompanied by(More)
Denatured Bacteriophage T4D DNA is able to stimulate aminoacid incorporation into TCA-precipitable material in an in vitro protein synthesis system according to base DNA sequences. Newly synthesized polypeptides remain associated with ribosomes and have a molecular weight in range of 15,000 to 45,000 Daltons.
Each T5 stock contains a population of particular phages that, just after adsorption onto the host bacteria. release their entire chromosome outside the bacterial membrane in a place where it is sensitive to bacterial enzymes. This release takes place before the sensitization step to deprivation of calcium and before the transfer of the first-step DNA(More)