J. Lefevre

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The blink reflex combined with stimulo-detection of the facial nerve was studied in 50 patients presenting Guillain-Barré polyradiculoneuritis. The reflex was normal in more than half the cases. The most frequent electrological picture consisted in bilateral lengthening of the early and late reflex responses of the blink reflex with unilateral or bilateral(More)
The blink reflex obtained from 66 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) shows 73% pathologic responses with MS considered as definite, 50% with MS considered as probable and only 18% with possible MS. These findings are of great diagnostical help, particularly in the absence of clinical evidence of involvement of the brain-stem. Among 8 electrological(More)
A case of occlusion of the middle cerebral artery during a treatment with gonadotropin is reported. Such cases are unusual when one considers that these treatments are widely used. They occur after a markek ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Treatment is purely preventive with clinical, laboratory and ultrasonic examinations before injection of beta-HCG.
Twenty-one diabetic subjects were studied; all manifested fasting hyperglycemia and elevated Hb A1C. Motor conduction velocity of the median, ulnar and peroneal nerves; F wave of the peroneal nerve; sensory conduction velocity and sensory potential amplitude of the median and ulnar nerves and H reflex were determinated immediately before and after two days(More)
The case is reported of a patient who, after a left occipital infarction, presented a deficit in naming visually presented objects with neither aphasia, nor perturbation in the perceptive and associative processing of visual informations. This visuo-verbal disconnection was accompanied by disturbance of the semantic function when this was explored via the(More)
Piperazine has been used since the end of the nineteenth century as a urine alkalizing agent in gout and more widely in the past thirty years for its antihelmintic properties. It is known for being well tolerated and of low toxicity. However, there are cases, sometimes in particular circumstances, where piperazine causes severe and impressive neurological(More)