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Organic matter frequently represents the single largest fraction of fine particulates in urban environments and yet the exact contributions from different sources and processes remain uncertain, owing in part to its substantial chemical complexity. Positive Matrix Factorisation (PMF) has recently proved to be a powerful tool for the purposes of source(More)
A fuel cell was used to enrich a microbial consortium generating electricity, using organic wastewater as the fuel. Within 30 days of enrichment the maximum current of 0.2 mA was generated with a resistance of 1 kΩ. Current generation was coupled to a fall in chemical oxygen demand from over 1,700 mg l−1 down to 50 mg l−1. Denaturing gradient gel(More)
In this population-based study, we determined the incidence rates of hip fracture among Singapore residents aged 50 years and above. Information was obtained from a centralized database system which captured admissions with the primary diagnosis of a closed hip fracture (ICD-9 codes 820, 820.0, 820.2 and 820.8, n= 12 927) from all health care establishments(More)
We estimated the genome size of Korean ginseng ( Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer), a medicinal herb, constructed a Hin dIII BAC library, and analyzed BAC-end sequences to provide an initial characterization of the library. The 1C nuclear DNA content of Korean ginseng was estimated to be 3.33 pg (3.12×103 Mb). The BAC library consists of 106,368 clones with an(More)
In this paper, we study the fairness problem in multi-hop wireless backhaul networks in the presence of selfish Transit Access Points (TAPs). We design an incentive-based mechanism which encourages TAPs to forward data for other TAPs, and thus eliminates the location-dependent unfairness problem in the backhaul network. We prove the correctness and(More)
The tandem multimeric expression of various peptides has been explored by many researchers. However, expression levels have usually not been proportional to the degree of multimerization. To increase the expression level in Escherichia coli of tandem multimers of a cationic antimicrobial peptide, buforin II, fused to an anionic peptide, we studied the(More)
The initial moisture content, cultivation time, inoculum size and concentration of basal medium were optimized in solid state fermentation (SSF) for the production of xylanase by an Aspergillus niger mutant using statistical experimental designs. The cultivation time and concentration of basal medium were the most important factors affecting xylanase(More)
The neuropeptide Y (NPY) system acts in synergy with the classic neurotransmitters to regulate a large variety of functions including autonomic, affective, and cognitive processes. Research on the effects of NPY in the central nervous system has focused on food intake control and affective processes, but growing evidence of NPY involvement in(More)