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NAc-SDKP is a peptide being tested as a bone marrow hematopoiesis protector in chemotherapy trials in cancer patients. We studied the pharmacokinetics of NAc-SDKP in six healthy human volunteers and in five patients undergoing chemotherapy. Plasma concentrations of NAc-SDKP were monitored using a specific enzyme immunoassay. Because NAc-SDKP is an(More)
To test the somnogenic properties of the automassage of point 7 heart of acupuncture, polygraphic night sleep was studied in six healthy volunteers (age: 27.8 +/- 1.6 years) from 23:00 h to 07:00 h. After one night of adaptation, two PEBA cones (Polyether Block Amides; Isocones) were fixed bilaterally at both points 7 heart (active application, AA) or on(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this multicentric, randomized, double blind study with direct individual benefit, was to compare two therapeutic regimens of cefotiam hexetil administration, 5 days vs 10 days, in acute maxillary sinusitis. METHOD The study was conducted in ambulatory patients treated by general practitioners according to AFSAPS (French agency for(More)
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