J. Lauterjung

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This paper presents a novel method for fast and quantified estimation of the Perceived Quality of Service (PQoS) for MPEG-4 video content, encoded at constant bit-rates. Taking into account the instant PQoS variation due to the Spatial and Temporal (S–T) activity within a given MPEG-4 encoded content, this paper introduces the Mean PQoS (MPQoS) as a(More)
Coesite is an important pressure indicator for metamorphic rocks of ultra-high pressure origin. However, it often does not survive exhumation, but reacts back to quartz. Although it was shown experimentally that hydrogen incorporation in coesite increases with increasing pressure, the few coesite relics, which are found in nature, are “dry”. Thus, does the(More)
This paper gives an overview of the COGEU FP7 project. The main objective of the COGEU project is to design, implement and demonstrate enabling technologies to allow an efficient use of TVWS for mobile radio communications based on secondary spectrum market regime. In particular, COGEU intends to develop innovative mechanisms to realize the concept of TVWS(More)
This deliverable D4.2 describes the sensing techniques that are used to identify primary users (PMSE and DVB-T) in the TV White Spaces as required for the first regulatory scenario in COGEU reference architecture. The analysis of the simulation results leads to the selection of a specific spectrum sensing technique for integration with the COGEU TVWS(More)
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