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Methods to improve operative outcomes in deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap surgery have previously focussed on operative technique and postoperative-course modification. Recently, preoperative imaging has become capable of mapping the entire course of perforating vessels, including those vessels as small as 0.3 mm, enabling 'virtual surgery'(More)
UNLABELLED Dopaminergic depletion in the nigrostriatal system is the neurochemical hallmark of Parkinson's disease (PD). Although numerous efforts have been made to determine the evolution of dopaminergic depletion in PD, "in vivo" data concerning the stages of this process are still scarce. We evaluated 6-[18F]-fluoro-l-DOPA ((18)F-DOPA) and(More)
Several neuroimaging techniques are promising tools as early markers of brain pathology in Alzheimer's disease (AD). On structural MRI, atrophy of the entorhinal cortex is present already in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In the autosomal dominant forms of AD, the rate of atrophy of medial temporal structures separates affected from control persons even 3(More)
We quantitatively evaluate the benefits of a higher field strength for functional brain MRI (fMRI) based on the blood oxygenation level-dependent contrast. The 3-T fMRI shows a higher sensitivity for the motor and somatosensory stimulation and more specific localization in the grey substance. The 3-T fMRI detects additional areas of activation with the(More)
A patient with a bilateral striatal lesion secondary to anoxia presented reflex blepharospasm associated with parkinsonism and dystonia in the limbs. The blink reflex excitability curve was enhanced and the R-2 response prolonged as in patients with essential blepharospasm. The findings in this patient support the notion that blepharospasm may be secondary(More)
STUDY DESIGN Normal rotation was evaluated in a group of 40 asymptomatic adults. OBJECTIVE To determine the normal rotational limits of C1-C2 in adults and define when a rotatory fixation occurs in the limits of normality or in subluxation. The term subluxation should be used only when C1-C2 is rotated beyond normal limits. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA(More)
The pathophysiological process underlying cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease is not well understood. Cerebral atrophy and hypometabolism have been described in patients with Parkinson's disease and dementia or mild cognitive impairment with respect to control subjects. However, the exact relationships between atrophy and hypometabolism are still(More)
To assess feasibility, image quality, and radiation dose of prospectively ECG-triggered coronary CT angiography (CTA) in orthotopic heart transplant (OHT) recipients. 47 consecutive OHT recipients (40 men, mean age 62.1±10.9 years, mean heart rate 86.3±14.4 bpm) underwent dual-source CTA to rule out coronary allograft vasculopathy in a prospectively(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the volumetric integration patterns of standard MRI and 11C-methionine positron emission tomography (PET) images in the surgery planning of gliomas and their relationship to the histological grade. We studied 23 patients with suspected or previously treated glioma who underwent preoperative 11C-methionine PET because MRI(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous breast reconstruction techniques can be used to create a breast, in particular the superior gluteal artery perforator (SGAP) and deep inferior epigastric artery perforator (DIEP) flaps. Preoperative imaging is an essential planning tool in mapping the location and size of perforator vessels. The aim of this report is to show the(More)