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The neuron population of the hippocampal formation exhibits oscillatory activity within the theta (theta) frequency band (4-10 Hz), and the intrinsic resonance properties of individual hippocampal neurons contribute to this network oscillation. The subiculum is the pivotal output region of the hippocampal formation and it is involved in many of the(More)
Primary sensory neurons can generate irregular burst firings in which the existence of significant deterministic behaviors of chaotic dynamics has been proved with nonlinear time series analysis. But how well the deterministic characteristics and neural information of presynaptic chaotic spike trains were transmitted into postsynaptic spike trains is still(More)
In the retina, rod signal pathways process scotopic visual information. Light decrements are mediated by two distinct groups of rod pathways in the dark-adapted retina that can be differentiated on the basis of their sensitivity to the glutamate agonist dl-2-amino-4-phosphonobutyric acid (APB). We have found that the APB sensitive and insensitive rod(More)
Obesity is associated with increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several types of cancers. The hypothalamus is a region of the brain critical in the regulation of body weight. One of the critical and best studied hypothalamic circuits is comprised of the melanocortinergic orexigenic agouti-related protein (AgRP) and anorexigenic(More)
"Open Innovation" has exploded on the scene. Procter & Gamble and other organizations have stirred excitement about exploiting external R&D for a majority of their new product developments. " Tech Mining " efficiently generates effective technological intelligence. This paper draws these two concepts together in three parts, plus a discussion: • Open(More)
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