J. L. Zhu

Q. Q. Liu3
C. Q. Jin3
3Q. Q. Liu
3C. Q. Jin
2G. Y. Shen
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Topological superconductivity is one of most fascinating properties of topological quantum matters that was theoretically proposed and can support Majorana Fermions at the edge state. Superconductivity was previously realized in a Cu-intercalated Bi2Se3 topological compound or a Bi2Te3 topological compound at high pressure. Here we report the discovery of(More)
Sepsis is characterized as an uncontrolled inflammatory response. Spite et al. (Nature 461(7268):1287–1291, 2009) had demonstrated that resolvin D2, which is derived from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), improves survival in cecal ligation and puncture (CLP)-initiated sepsis and enhances bacterial clearance without immune suppression. Resolvin D1, which is also(More)
One of key issues in studying iron based superconductors is to understand how the magnetic phase of the parent compounds evolves. Here we report the systematic investigation of paramagnetic to antiferromagnetic and tetragonal to orthorhombic structural transitions of "122" SrFe2As2 parent compound using combined high resolution synchrotron Mössbauer(More)
Recently, A2B3 type strong spin orbital coupling compounds such as Bi2Te3, Bi2Se3 and Sb2Te3 were theoretically predicated to be topological insulators and demonstrated through experimental efforts. The counterpart compound Sb2Se3 on the other hand was found to be topological trivial, but further theoretical studies indicated that the pressure might induce(More)
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