J. L. Yan

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Four new compounds including three bicoumarins, arteminorins A-C (1-3), and one neolignan, arteminorin D (4), together with 31 known ones were isolated from the aerial parts of Artemisia minor. Their structures were established on the basis of spectroscopic data and comparison with those of the related known compounds. Ethyl caffeate (27) showed in vitro(More)
A new compound, 11-O-(3'-O-methylgalloyl)-bergenin (1), along with 11 known compounds (2-12), has been isolated from the rhizome of Astilbe chinensis. The chemical structure of compound 1 was determined by IR, MS, and NMR spectral data. All compounds were evaluated for the cytotoxic activity in vitro, and compound 4 showed a moderate cytotoxic activity(More)
Three new epipolythiodioxopiperazines, chaetocochins A (1), B (2), and C (3), along with dethio-tetra (methylthio) chetomin (4) and chetomin (5), were isolated from the ethyl acetate extract of the solid-state fermented rice culture of the fungus Chaetomium cochliodes. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Compounds 1, 3,(More)
In order to find highly active antidiabetic lead compound, sixteen 4-aminobenzoic acid derivatives were designed and synthesized directly through Mannich reaction in the solution of ethanol at 15-35 degrees C with facile method, mild reaction condition and high yield (45%-90%). Fifteen of them are new compounds. Their structures were confirmed by 1H NMR,(More)
Twenty five new beta-aminoalcohols containing nabumetone moiety were prepared via the reduction of potassium borohydride with a convenient and efficient procedure, starting from beta-aminoketones that have been synthesized by our group. Their chemical structures were determined by IR, MS, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, HR-MS and antidiabetic activities were screened in(More)
During the course of studies directed towards the discovery of novel aldose reductase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic complications, we synthesized a series of new (Z)-3-phenyl-2-benzoylpropenoic acid derivatives and tested their in vitro inhibitory activities on rat lens aldose reductase. Of these compounds,(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disease with a high and growing prevalence affecting 4% of the population worldwide, the development of safe and effective therapeutic drug is the major thrust for chemists and pharmacists. To search for active antidiabetic lead compound, we designed and synthesized some novel beta-amino ketone derivatives containing(More)
The discovery of high performance leading antidiabetic compounds containing sulfonamide and 4-aminophenylacetic acid moieties is reported. This was achieved by the synthesis of 6 intermediates and subsequently 20 target molecules using 4-aminophenylacetic acid as the starting materials, and through a few synthetic routes aided by multi-step reactions(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (VEGFR-2) kinase inhibition is a well-established strategy to promptly tackle tumor growth by suppression of angiogenesis. We report herein a series of 5-anilinoquinazoline derivatives substituted by 1,3-disubstituted urea. All the newly synthesized compounds described were evaluated for VEGFR-2 kinase(More)