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Under anesthesia and sterile surgery, a small stainless steel rod (4 mm in length and 0.5-0.8 mm in diameter) was inserted into the L5 intervertebral foramen in the rat, developing intervertebral foramen stenosis and hence producing a chronic steady compression of the dorsal root ganglion (DRG). The hind paw on the injured side exhibited a significant(More)
In this study, we compared the sensitivity of non-periodically and periodically active neurons in chronically compressed dorsal root ganglion in rats to norepinephrine and sympathetic stimulation. Forty-nine of 58 (84.5%) neurons with non-periodic activity showed responses to norepinephrine, whereas only five of 48 (10.4%) neurons with periodic activity(More)
An abundance of subthreshold membrane potential oscillations (SMPOs) at resting potential was observed in the neurons of chronically compressed dorsal root ganglia (DRG) using intracellular recording in vivo. Out of 386 neurons, 63 type A neurons displayed SMPOs. Three types of SMPOs were distinguished based on their characterizations of oscillation: (1) A(More)
Integer multiples firing (IMF), a special temporal pattern of firing, was recently observed in spontaneous discharge from injured dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons. To investigate the mechanism underlying IMF, the injured DRG neurons of rat were recorded intracellulary. Of 64 recorded A-neurons discharging spontaneously, eight fired spikes in the IMF(More)
Primary sensory neurons can generate irregular burst firings in which the existence of significant deterministic behaviors of chaotic dynamics has been proved with nonlinear time series analysis. But how well the deterministic characteristics and neural information of presynaptic chaotic spike trains were transmitted into postsynaptic spike trains is still(More)
Using intracellular recording in vivo, the bursting behaviors were investigated in the neurons of chronically compressed dorsal root ganglia of the adult rat. In most cases, the first spike of a burst emerged from amplitude-increasing damped subthreshold membrane potential oscillation (SMPO) and the discharge terminated by an amplitude-decreasing damped(More)
The concept of cell engineering is frequently mentioned in recent years. It's a comprehensive technology which is very powerful and useful. By using it, scientists can produce many kinds of proteins and other biological moleculars in large scale that are in great demand for the human being. Among these products, most can be used for tumor immunotherapy and(More)
Since Hodgkin's first description of three classes of excitability in crustacean nerve axons (1948), theoretical studies have used mathematical models to demonstrate that small changes in the parameters describing ionic currents could result in transitions between classes of membrane excitability. However, these transitions have rarely been investigated(More)
The ectopic spontaneous discharges (ESD) of single myelinated dorsal root fiber originated from the injured dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons were recorded in vivo. When [Ca(2+)](o) perfusing the injured DRG had been enhanced or caffeine been used, the ESD was inhibited in dose-dependent manner, while using Ni(2+) or EGTA, the ESD facilitated. The(More)
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