J L Ventura-Gallegos

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OBJECTIVE AND METHODS Over-expression of the immune response can lead to pathological conditions such as septic shock or chronic inflammation. Endothelial cell activation by pro-inflammatory products of activated macrophages plays a key role in these conditions. Here we examine the response of primary human endothelial cells (HUVEC) to conditioned media(More)
Chloroquine (CLQ) and Pyrimethamine (PYR) are used for the treatment of malaria and some autoimmune diseases; although their mechanism of action is only partially understood, their therapeutic effectiveness in the second case has been attributed to their ability to increase apoptosis of T lymphocytes. In view of the potential for immunomodulation during(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) is involved in the clearance of several types of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Although the roles of NO and CD8⁺ T cells in the immune response to malaria have been extensively studied, their actual contributions during the blood stages of malaria infection remain unclear.In this work, we corroborate that serum NO levels are not(More)
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