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A questionnaire was administered to 528 tinnitus patients to obtain data on their reactions to tinnitus. Results include a discussion of: (a) population characteristics, (b) perceptual characteristics, (c) the impact of tinnitus on daily life, and (d) etiology. Significant gender differences are also discussed. Tinnitus was not an occasional phenomenon, but(More)
Based on the data of 528 tinnitus patients, information is presented concerning: (a) conditions and/or activities that affect tinnitus severity, (b) tinnitus symptoms as a function of etiology, and (c) changes in tinnitus symptoms as a function of time since onset. The four most common conditions and/or activities that reduce tinnitus severity were sleep,(More)
The Words with Ipsilateral Competition test was examined for test-retest reliability, item difficulty, and list differences. Results revealed that: (a) many test words contributed little or nothing to the overall test results; (b) list 1 and list 3 were not homogeneous in terms of item difficulty; (c) test performance was influenced by list order, and (d)(More)
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