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Analysis of mutants with increased branching has revealed the strigolactone synthesis/perception pathway which regulates branching in plants. However, whether variation in this well conserved developmental signaling system contributes to the unique plant architectures of different species is yet to be determined. We examined petunia orthologs of the(More)
In embalmed preparations, the antebrachial fascia in the lateral elbow region is shown to be deformed by load application to the triceps muscle. From this fascia, muscles arise which are primarily concerned with the extension of wrist and fingers. In the case of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), the superficial site of attachment of these extensors at(More)
Information Technology is more than a technicality A theoretical and empirical analysis of implementation strategies ABSTRACT The last 30 years, the power of IT to collect, store, process and spread information has grown exponentially, while simultaneously the costs have dropped dramatically. Macroeconomic statistics, however, show a slowdown of(More)
There is considerable value in developing tools capable of accurately and reliably determining when bruises were inflicted in humans. Previous work has focused on the visual changes observed in a bruise as the injury develops and heals. However, due to variables such as how and where on the body the bruise was inflicted, differing tissue compositions at the(More)
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