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When enteral nutrition is excluded from animals maintained solely with total parenteral nutrition (TPN), atrophy of the intestinal mucosa is observed. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are produced in the colon by the fermentation of dietary carbohydrates and fiber polysaccharides and have been shown to stimulate mucosal-cell mitotic activity in the(More)
  • O C Velázquez, R W Seto, J L Rombeau
  • 1996
Bases scientifiques et applications cliniques des lipides B chaine courte et des triacylglydrols i i chaine moyenne Cette revue discute les bases scientifiques et les applications cliniques des lipides a chaine courte (LCC) et des triacylglycerols chaine moyenne (TCM). Les LCC sont produits dans le cdlon des mammifitres B la suite de la fermentation(More)
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