J. L. Rey Sanjurjo

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Two main isoforms of Fcgamma receptor II (CD 32) have been described in humans: activatory FcgammaRIIA and inhibitory FcgammaRIIB. We have previously reported that B cells from a subset of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) patients express not only FcgammaRIIB, as normal B lymphocytes, but also the myeloid FcgammaRIIA. The aim of this study was to(More)
This study addresses the participation of radiation-induced free radicals, mainly nitric oxide (NO), in modulating the apoptotic response in an in vitro model of neural cortical precursor cells exposed to gamma-radiation. Cortical cells obtained from rats at 17 gestational day (GD) were irradiated with a dose of 2 Gy. The percentage of apoptotic cells was(More)
Retrovesical masses in men not related to prostatic carcinoma or hyperplasia is an uncommon pathology. Rare masses or unusual manifestations of those common diseases are a diagnostic dilemma. We review our experience in three unusual retrovesical masses in men: carcinosarcoma filling a giant bladder diverticulum; cystic prostatic carcinoma; and acquired(More)
Biphenotypic acute leukemias (BAL) represent 5% of all acute leukemias. The most frequent cytogenetic abnormalities described are Philadelphia chromosome and 11q23 involvement. Here we report a BAL case, with blasts showing lymphoblast morphology and positivity for myeloperoxidase (in 6% of the blast cells). Immunophenotype revealed the compromise of(More)
It is widely appreciated that inflammatory responses in peripheral tissues are usually associated to the development of acidic microenvironments. Despite this, there are few studies aimed to analyze the effect of extracellular pH on immune cell functions. We analyzed the impact of acidosis on the behavior of dendritic cells (DCs) derived from murine bone(More)
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