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Pheochromocytomas (PHEO) and paragangliomas (PGL) are tumors derived from the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic-associated paragangliomas arising in the neck are usually non-functioning and are rarely encountered by general and visceral surgeons. The sympathetic-associated PHEO and PGL are usually functioning and most often(More)
A case of interstitial myositis associated with a localised lipoatrophy is reported. The patient is a 24 year old man who presented with severe painful cramps and fasciculations localised to one limb. The rarity of both disorders, and their likely common autoimmune mechanism, suggest that this is not a chance association.
We report the case of a 26-old-year man hospitalized for first partial complex epileptic seizure. Brain MRI showed an asymptomatic pseudo-tumor lesion in the brainstem. Diabetes insipidus, hypophyseal gonadotropic deficiency and osteosclerosis of long bones strongly suggested Erdheim-Chester disease, a rare histiocytosis, confirmed after tibial biopsy. Six(More)
BACKGROUND The cause and effect relationship between anti-HBV immunization using recombinant vaccine and the development of a neurological event, including flare-ups of multiple sclerosis, is a widely debated issue. CASE REPORT A previously asymptomatic 16-year-old girl was a hyper-responder to anti-HBV vaccine. Subsequent to a booster shot of anti-HBV(More)
INTRODUCTION Listeriosis commonly involves the central nervous system. Meningoencephalitis and rhomboencephalitis are the most frequent manifestations. Brain abscesses are rare. CASE REPORT We report the case of a 63-year-old man treated with steroids for a long period; he was hospitalized for hemiparesis, confusion and fever. Clinical examination(More)
We report a case of giant plexiform neurofibromatosis revealed by a sensori-motor, axo-myelinic polyneuropathy. Only the lumbar and sacral spinal nerves were involved in this peripheral form of Von Recklinghausen's disease. The polyneuropathy was due to compression of the nervous fibers by the neurofibromatous tumors. Ultrasonography DTPA 99 m Technetium(More)
We report on a case of Hodgkin's disease, revealed in a 52 year-old woman by isolated neurological signs. Sciatica is an uncommon pattern of discovery that is particularly misleading. It may lead to a delayed diagnosis all the more prejudicial since it discloses an advanced stage of the disease. The neurological involvement is always associated with a bone(More)