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The polymersome, a fully synthetic cell mimetic, is a tunable platform for drug delivery vehicles to detect and treat disease (theranostics). Here, we design a leuko-polymersome, a polymersome with the adhesive properties of leukocytes, which can effectively bind to inflammatory sites under flow. We hypothesize that optimal leukocyte adhesion can be(More)
Polymersomes are bilayer vesicles that self-assemble from amphiphilic diblock copolymers, and provide an attractive system for the delivery of biological and nonbiological molecules due to their environmental compatibility, mechanical stability, synthetic tunability, large aqueous core, and hyperthick hydrophobic membrane. Herein, we report a nanoscale(More)
Single molecule break junction experiments and nonequilibrium Green's function calculations using density functional theory (NEGF-DFT) of carbodithioate- and thiol-terminated [5,15-bis(phenylethynyl)-10,20-diarylporphinato]zinc(II) complexes reveal the impact of the electrode-linker coordination mode on charge transport at the single-molecule level.(More)
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