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The use of transgenic targets for measuring mutant frequencies in mammalian tissue requires an estimate of the mutant frequency that results from recovery of the transgene in bacterial recovery systems. In this study, we have determined the spontaneous mutant frequency, estimated the mutation rate, and ascertained the mutation spectrum for gene A of phiX174(More)
Single-burst analysis was applied to a forward assay for gene A mutation in splenic lymphocytes of phiX174 transgenic mice for the purpose of optimizing analytical parameters for identifying in vivo mutations. The effect of varying the cutoff value for an in vivo burst on induced mutant frequency, fold increase, and the significance of the difference(More)
The implementation of visually-oriented software for graphics support on the high-performance computer graphics hardware at NASA's Johnson Space Center is the latest step in the evolution of an interactive computer applications technology being developed by the Computer Graphics Group at The Applied Research Laboratory of Penn State University. This(More)
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