J. L. Ramirez

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In this paper we study distributed control policies for spacecraft formations that draw inspiration from the simple idea of cyclic pursuit. First, we extend existing cyclicpursuit control laws devised for single-integrator models in two dimensions to the case of double-integrator models in three dimensions. In particular, we develop control laws that only(More)
Upon the appearance of nylons, silicon, tendons, smart and soft materials, wearable robotics is going closer to the human body, leading robotics and biomechanics to provide us new physical rehabilitations and improvements. In the area that concerns soft robotic prosthesis, the main challenge is the design of well sized mechatronic limbs and smart(More)
As part of a project pertaining the organization of ribosomal genes in Kinetoplastidae, we have created a data base for published sequences of ribosomal nucleic acids, with information in Spanish. As a first step in their processing, we have written a computer program which introduces the new feature of determining the length of the fragments produced after(More)
In this paper, a new approach is presented for the analysis and the identification of the surface electromyography (EMG) signals of biceps and triceps muscles. The objective of this study is the accurate classification of elbow flexion and extension movements. We propose a cropping method based on the agreement of the movement changes and the EMG signal(More)
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