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Megalodiscus temperatus: absorption and incorporation of tritiated tyrosine, thymidine, and adenosine.
Abstract Autoradiographic and liquid scintillation counting studies indicate adults of Megalodiscus temperatus can absorb large amounts of thymidine and adenosine, but use little of the thymidine inExpand
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Autoregulation of renal blood flow during halothane anesthesia.
Renal blood flow, when not affected by humoral or neural influences, remains relatively constant over a wide range of renal arterial perfusion pressures. This phenomenon, referred to asExpand
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Halothane-induced renal vasodilation.
Halothane-induced changes in renal function have generally been attributed to alterations in systemic hemodynamics, sympathetic tone, and various hormones. Studies were performed to determine whetherExpand
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Inseminatory behavior of Philophthalmus megalurus and Philophthalmus hegeneri in concurrent infections of chicks.
Abstract Sperm labeled with 3 H-thymidine and 3 H-tyrosine detected by autoradiography were used to determine inseminatory patterns in concurrent infections of Philophthalmus megalurus andExpand
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Observations on spermatogenesis and inseminative behavior of Megalodiscus temperatus adults in frogs.
Upon in vitro exposure to 3H-adenosine, spermatogonial cells in adult Megalodiscus temperatus were readily labeled on autoradiograms. At least 20 days were required for these cells to produce labeledExpand
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