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  • J-L. Nagel
  • ESSDERC '89: 19th European Solid State Device…
  • 1989
The performance of bipolar devices (NPN-transistors, lateral PNP-transistors and IIL-gates) in a low-power UHF-process at varying epilayer doping concentration is discussed on the basis of both two-dimensional device simulation and experimental data. While IIL-gates and lateral PNP-transistors would benefit by an increased doping, the observed strong(More)
We studied the insulin requirements of seven insulin-dependent diabetics applying a glucose controlled insulin infusion system. The data were transformed into individually programmed and rectangular profiles. The MAGE, a measure of blood sugar fluctuations, was significantly lower when individually programmed step profiles were used (P less than 0.005) than(More)
A computer controlled syringe-type insulin infusion pump storing up to 254 different infusion rates, eight different meal programs and two different basal rates automatically changeable during 24 h in EPROM was used for insulin infusion applying a wavy step profile. This profile approaching the physiological postprandial insulin secretion of the B-cell was(More)
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