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Cold-water coral (CWC) reefs constitute one of the most complex deep-sea habitats harboring a vast diversity of associated species. Like other tropical or temperate framework builders, these systems are facing an uncertain future due to several threats, such as global warming and ocean acidification. In the case of Mediterranean CWC communities, the effect(More)
Deep-water ecosystems are characterized by relatively low carbonate concentration values and, due to ocean acidification (OA), these habitats might be among the first to be exposed to undersaturated conditions in the forthcoming years. However, until now, very few studies have been conducted to test how cold-water coral (CWC) species react to such changes(More)
We theoretically study the effect of the dielectric environment on the exciton ground state of CdSe and CdTe/CdSe/CdTe nanorods. We show that insulating environments enhance the exciton recombination rate and blueshift the emission peak by tens of meV. These effects are particularly pronounced for type-II nanorods. In these structures, the dielectric(More)
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