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Two sets of modules have been sent around to different testing installations across Europe, one set to laboratories performing indoor calibrations and one set to laboratories performing outdoor power and energy ratings. The results show that for crystalline and poly-crystalline devices, a very good agreement between laboratories has been achieved. A lower(More)
The evaluation of durability, safety and performance of photovoltaic modules is becoming an important point when trying to establish a product into the market, mostly for the new technologies appearing. In that sense, the committee of experts dedicated to write the IEC standards, put together a set of tests that can allow deciding on those quality points.(More)
An investigation was made of the environmental fungus flora in a quail-bleeding farm during a period of 5 months (May-September 1978). A total of 5826 colonies were obtained. The genera encountered most frequently were Aspergillus (28.96%), Penicillium (21.21%), Scopulariopsis (16.84%), and Aureobasidium (13.90%). Of the Aspergillus species, A. fumigatus(More)
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