J. L. Montastruc

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Using functional MRI (fMRI), we have studied the changes induced by the performance of a complex sequential motor task in the cortical areas of six akinetic patients with Parkinson's disease and six normal subjects. Compared with the normal subjects, the patients with Parkinson's disease exhibited a relatively decreased fMRI signal in the rostral part of(More)
We have measured with single-photon emission tomography the regional cerebral blood flow changes that occurred in the supplementary motor areas and in the primary sensory motor areas during sequential finger-to-thumb opposition movements of the right hand in seven akinetic patients with Parkinson's disease and in nine normal volunteers. Parkinsonian(More)
We compared the rCBF changes induced by the execution of a finger-to-thumb opposition motor task in the cerebellar hemispheres of 12 normal subjects, 12 parkinsonian patients whose medication had been withheld for at least 18 h and 16 parkinsonian patients on medication using single photon emission tomography and i.v. 133Xe. The normal subjects and(More)
A survey of the records of the French Health Insurance Service of drug prescriptions during pregnancy in 1000 women living in Haute-Garonne, southwest France, showed that 99% of the women received a prescription for at least one drug during pregnancy with a mean of 13.6 medications per woman. 1.6% of women received one or more prescriptions of drugs from(More)
Quantitated automated electro-oculographic data from 45 parkinsonian patients were compared with those from 30 normal control subjects. Patients were selected with idiopathic Parkinson's disease without other associated neurological disease or dementia; 20 had never received antiparkinsonian drugs and in 25 such treatment had been stopped for at least 2(More)
French health insurance databases are organized since 2003 into a huge digital data warehouse, the Système national d'information inter-régime de l'assurance maladie (SNIIR-AM). It covers the entire French population (65 million inhabitants). In order to facilitate studies on more frequent conditions, a random sample of 1/97th of national health system(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the preventability of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) leading to hospital admissions and to investigate the feasibility of the use of a standardised preventability scale in clinical practice. DESIGN The study was a prospective pharmacovigilance study. All patients more than 15 years old admitted to an emergency department during a period(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Several studies have been conducted to determine the frequency and characteristics of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in elderly populations, focusing on those leading to hospital admission. However, most of these studies have been limited in their ability to assess risk factors, particularly the renal status of patients. Thus, the(More)
Besides antipsychotics, several drugs can induce parkinsonism. We review spontaneous notifications of drug-induced or -worsened parkinsonism to a French regional pharmacovigilance center between 1993 and 2009. During these 17 years, 20,855 adverse drug reactions have been reported, including 155 (0.7%) cases of drug-induced or -worsened parkinsonism. Most(More)
Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) changes in cortical motor areas were measured during a movement of the dominant right hand in 15 patients with Parkinson's disease deprived of their usual levodopa treatment, in 11 patients with Parkinson's disease undergoing long-term treatment with levodopa, and in 15 normal volunteers. The supplementary motor areas(More)