J.-L. Mainardi

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The aim of this work was to describe national surveillance of invasive beta-haemolytic streptococci (BHS) in Denmark and to report overall trends and major findings by groups and types of BHS causing laboratory-confirmed disease from 2005 to 2011. A total of 3063 BHS isolates were received from 2872 patients. Based on confirmed cases the overall annual(More)
Nocardiosis is a rare opportunistic infection caused by Nocardia spp., an aerobic actinomycete, that mainly affects patients with cell-mediated immunity defects, such as transplant recipients. Despite recent progress regarding Nocardia identification and changes in taxonomic assignment, many challenges remain for the diagnosis or management of nocardiosis.(More)
We report a fatal case of necrotizing soft tissues infection caused by an Escherichia coli strain belonging to phylogenetic group C and harbouring numerous virulence factors reported to be part of a pathogenicity island (PAI) such as PAI IIJ96 and conserved virulence plasmidic region.
Endocarditis due to Legionella spp. is uncommon but presumably underestimated given the prevalence of Legionellae in the environment. We report a first and unusual case of chronic native valve endocarditis due to L. anisa and advocate that the diagnosis of endocarditis be made collaboratively between the cardiologist, surgeon, microbiologist and pathologist.
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