J. L. M. do Amaral

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Since the fundamental discovery of the giant magnetoresistance many spintronic devices have been developed and implemented in our daily life (e.g. information storage and automotive industry). Lately, advances in the sensors technology (higher sensitivity, smaller size) have potentiated other applications, namely in the biological area, leading to the(More)
Despite great interest, not only from the economic point of view but also in terms of basic science, research on heat stress tolerance in conifers remains scarce. To fill this gap, a time-course experiment using expected temperature increase was performed aiming to identify physiological and biochemical traits that allow the characterization of heat-induced(More)
The present work shows an electrical ammeter for laboratory purpose based on a magnetoresistive (MR) spin-valve (SV) sensor. The proposed ammeter measures a 10 A maximum current and offers a maximum frequency response between 150 and 800 kHz depending on the electronics whole gain. These features are due to the use of a new generation MR-SV current sensor(More)
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