J. L. M. P. de Lima

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This paper, the first in a series of two, applies the entropy (or information) theory to describe the spatial variability of synthetic data that can represent spatially correlated groundwater quality data. The application involves calculating information measures such as transinformation, the information transfer index and the correlation coefficient. These(More)
This study describes and interprets the evolution of grain-size distribution of sediment yields generated in an experimental soil flume subjected to downstream and upstream moving rain storms. Results of laboratory experiments show that downstream moving storms cause more soil loss than do upstream moving storms. The pattern of sediment grain-size evolution(More)
IN THIS STUDY, WE EXAMINED THE PHYSIOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF NASOENTERAL FEEDING TUBES MADE FROM TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF POLYMER: silicone materials and polyurethane. The internal surfaces of the nasoenteral feeding tubes were analyzed for their hydrophobicity, roughness, microtopography, rupture-tension and ability to stretch. We also studied the adhesion of(More)
Germination-arrest factor (GAF): 2. Physical and chemical properties of a novel, naturally-occurring herbicide produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain WH6. Biological Control 50: 103-110. that the herbicidal activity of GAF is associated with a ninhydrin-reactive compound and counteracted by selected amino acids. a C2-C9 alkane-oxidizing bacterium(More)
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