J L Leunissen

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This study describes the ultrastructural localization in rat hippocampal tissue in situ and in isolated synaptosomes of the brain-specific phosphoprotein B-50, using affinity purified anti-B-50 immunoglobulins (IgGs). Evidence is presented for the presynaptic localization of B-50 in rat brain. Given this specific localization a model is presented outlining(More)
The localization of S-antigen, the soluble, uveitogenic, 51 kDa protein of the retina has been studied. Highly specific rabbit anti-bovine S-antigen antiserum reacted predominantly with the outer segment layer of the photoreceptor cells of rat retina in the indirect immunofluorescence technique, provided that the tissue was fixed by perfusion of the light(More)
High-voltage transmission electron microscopy and cryo-ultramicrotomy together with scanning electron microscopy and some conventional transmission electron microscopy of ultrathin sections have been applied to the mucous surfaces of bovine olfactory and respiratory epithelia. Distal segments of olfactory cilia tend to run in parallel and could be followed(More)
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