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The material studied consisted of laboratory-bred specimens of 2 species of Prostriata and 8 species of Metastriata. Jxodes ricinus and / . hexagonus (Prostriata) have XX:XY sex-determining mechanisms with diploid complements of 28 and 26 acrocentric chromosomes respectively. All the species of Metastriata studied have XX:XO sex-determining mechanisms with(More)
Changes in lifestyles and body weight affected mammal life-history evolution but little is known about how they shaped species' sensory systems. Since auditory sensitivity impacts communication tasks and environmental acoustic awareness, it may have represented a deciding factor during mammal evolution, including apes. Here, we statistically measure the(More)
There are basically 3 main approaches for extra-articular mandibular condyle fractures: low cervical, retromandibular and preauricular. These include a risk of facial palsy affecting the marginal mandibular branch. We use a high submandibular transmasseteric approach featuring masseter section 10–20 mm above the mandibular basilar edge. Our null hypothesis(More)
The Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX) is used to study hightemperature plasma confined by the magnetic field produced by a high-current superconducting ring. Multiple-frequency ECRH heats and sustains plasma discharges for long, quasi-steady periods, and conditions of high plasma beta are reached by adjusting the rate of neutral fueling. When the(More)
Many studies have focused on the functional importance of the gliding structures of the hand. These structures are clinically important in reconstructive surgery and mechanically essential for an efficient hand grasp. The aims of this study were to first review the intermetacarpal space and then focus on its fatty tissue, the intermetacarpal fat pad. This(More)
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