J L Jirou-Najou

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Mucosolvan is a 'mucus-modifier' whose active compound is ambroxol. The aim of our research was to determine its clinical efficacy in the treatment of bronchial stasis by carrying out two successive double-blind studies in two parallel groups of patients and comparing ambroxol with placebo in a treatment lasting 10 days. The first trial involving 60(More)
The elimination kinetics of organochlorine compounds (DDE, lindane, aldrin, heptachlor epoxide and heptachlor) from day 2 to day 10 of breast feeding was studied in 39 volunteers who had a baby in the Maternity Department in Nancy. If there was any contamination of the mothers' milk with DDT, the levels were below the level of detection. In contrast,(More)
A 2-month study was carried out to compare the efficacy and safety of Berodual (B) (Boehringer Ingelheim) and salbutamol (S) in asthma. B is a combined agent with 20 micrograms of ipratropium bromide and 50 micrograms of fenoterol in each metered aerosol puff. Each puff of S contained 100 micrograms of drug. 196 patients were included in the study and(More)
In order to assess prevalences, characteristics and risk factors of malnutrition and anemia, a clinical and biological study was undertaken at Lamentin hospital in 100 hospitalized children aged 6 months to 6 years. Forty seven p. cent of children were underweight and 38 p. cent were anemic. Anemia and iron deficiency predominated in the under-24-month age(More)
The role of nitric oxide (NO) from vascular endothelium in the control of GnRH release at the median eminence (ME) level is well established. Interactions between NPY receptor/endothelium/nitric oxide are clearly demonstrated. While several studies implicate NPY Y1 receptor in the control of GnRH/LH at the time of the preovulatory LH surge, our results also(More)
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