J L Jimenez-Molina

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The temperature-sensitive RLA209-15 fetal rat hepatocyte line grown at the nonpermissive temperature (40 degrees C, normal phenotype) produces authentic rat alpha-fetoproteins (AFPs) of 69K and 73K (fetal AFPs) which are encoded by a 2.2-kb mRNA. These cells also produce low levels of a 1.7-kb AFP mRNA and a 65K variant AFP when grown at the permissive(More)
The rat adult liver and hepatocyte lines express an 1.7-kb variant alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) mRNA which differs from the 2.2-kb fetal AFP transcript in sequence in the 5' region. Here we report the characterization of a variant AFP cDNA, ARFP9, which is 1349 bp in length and encodes a 325 amino acid polypeptide. Nucleotides 225 to the 3' end (1125 bp) in(More)
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