J. L. Guardado

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High currents leaked to earth, leads to an electric field, which can be capable of breaking down the dielectric strength of the soil. When this happens, the ionization phenomena takes place, which reduce the grounding system impedance and modify its performance. In this paper, a computational model for transient performance of grounding systems is(More)
This paper describes a genetic algorithm (GA) developed for the reconfiguration of radial distribution systems. The reconfiguration is treated as an optimization problem of combinatory nature, where the aim is to obtain a configuration with minimal power losses, iterations and also with some distribution system restrictions. The initial population of the GA(More)
In this paper, a differential relay model (87T) is developed in the Alternative Transient Program for power transformer protection. The relay model uses an anti-aliasing filter and the Discrete Fourier Transform to calculate the relay operation and restriction currents. The relay model includes second, fourth and fifth harmonic restriction for blocking the(More)
Recent developments in synchronized voltage phasor measurements has made wide area protection and control schemes possible. Recently, wide area disturbances has forced utilities to design protection and control schemes to protect the power system from angular, voltage and frequency instabilities, in order to avoid a complete or partial blackout. A key step(More)
This paper addresses the problem of transient overvoltages in electrical machines during sequential pole closure on industrial installations. A three-phase computer model that includes the circuit breaker, high-voltage cable and electrical machine is proposed. Multiconductor transmission line theory and modal analysis are applied to the components and the(More)
Network reconfiguration is an alternative to reduce power losses and optimize the operation of power distribution systems. In this paper, an encoding scheme for evolutionary algorithms is proposed in order to search efficiently for the Pareto-optimal solutions during the reconfiguration of power distribution systems considering multiobjective optimization.(More)
The present studies investigated forgetting processes across 4 weeks of names learned in response to faces. Our theoretical model assumes that there were 4 separate but interdependent aspects to a learned face-name unit. Each of these components (faces, names, face-name connections, and encoding cues to names that are stored during the original learning of(More)
This paper presents the modeling and implementation of a traveling wave relay for transmission line protection at Extra High Voltage. The protection scheme is compounded of two algorithms; the first of them is a type D which is synchronization via GPS satellite and is used as the primary relay. The second algorithm uses a single end measurement and serves(More)
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