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The handedness of visceral organs is conserved among vertebrates and is regulated by asymmetric signals relayed by molecules such as Shh, Nodal and activin. The gene Pitx2 is expressed in the left lateral plate mesoderm and, subsequently, in the left heart and gut of mouse, chick and Xenopus embryos. Misexpression of Shh and Nodal induces Pitx2 expression,(More)
The neurotrophins are growth factors that are involved in the development and survival of neurons. Neurotrophin release by a target tissue results in neuron growth along the neurotrophin concentration gradient, culminating in the eventual innervation of the target tissue. These activities are mediated through trk cell surface receptors. We have determined(More)
Adjacent paraffin sections of rat hypothalami fixed in Bouin's fluid were treated either with buffer or with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) before immunocytochemical staining with anti-LHRH. Upon buffer pretreatment, pituitary gonadotrophs were unstained and hypothalamic fibers were stained. Upon LHRH pretreatment, pituitary gonadotrophs were(More)
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