J L Flipo

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Adult male Long Evans were selected as ethanol preferring rats (DR) during 28 days. After this period, they were daily IP injected during 14 days with one of the next drugs: diazepam 1 mg.kg-1, alprazolam 1 mg.kg-1 (benzodiazepines), progabide 25 mg. kg-1 (GABA A and B agonist), nipecotic acid 150 mg.kg-1 (GABA uptake inhibitor), muscimol 0.2 mg.kg-1 (GABA(More)
Stimulation of GABA brain receptors by calcium bis acetyl-homotaurine (a new GABAergic agent) or of noradrenergic brain receptors by metapramine reduces the voluntary intake of ethanol by rats. Bicuculline antagonizes the effects of both drugs. It is suggested that both GABA and noradrenaline are implicated in ethanol intake, and that there is a common(More)
The initial sensitivity to ethanol was determined by hypothermia and sleeping time induced by an injection of ethanol (2.5 g/kg, intraperitoneally) in Long-Evans rats whose response to ethanol was later characterized in drinking, non-drinking and other rats. The response to a nociceptive stimulus (electric shock) in drinking rats and non-drinking rats was(More)
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