J. L. Fernández

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In the last few years, the amount of money spent on security has grown due to a number of factors. The surveillance system of buildings has particularly become an important issue to human daily life. This paper describes the development of a Multirobot system for building surveillance applications monitored through Internet. Each robot can handle some daily(More)
This paper describes a new local avoidance method for indoor mobile robots. The method uses a directional method named the Beam Method to improve the performance of a local obstacle avoidance approach called Curvature Velocity Method (CVM). The proposed Beam Method employs radial distances provided by the robot sensors to calculate the best one-step(More)
In many application areas mobile robots need the ability to interact with people. In order to be able to communicate with even untrained users, the interaction should be as natural as possible. One of the preconditions of a natural interaction is that the robot focuses the person it is interacting with. In this paper we present a technique that combines(More)
For the calibration of the parameters in static and dynamic SABR stochastic volatility models, we propose the application of the GPU technology to the Simulated Annealing global optimization algorithm and to the Monte Carlo simulation. This calibration has been performed for EURO STOXX 50 index and EUR/USD exchange rate with an asymptotic formula for(More)
Voltage Stability is a key factor for the stable operation of grid connected wind farm during fault through and grid disturbances. This paper investigates the implementation and comparison of FACTS devices like STATCOM and SVC for the voltage stability issue for IG-based wind farm connected to a grid and load. The steady state behaviour of an interconnected(More)
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