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Persistent gambling was studied as a function of the reinforcement of arousal and winning during normal poker machine playing sessions. Play rate, heart rate, winnings, subjective excitement and expectations of winning were recorded for five male and five female high-frequency players. Autoregressive regression analysis indicated that wins affect play rate(More)
The beta-blocking agent bufuralol is subject to first-pass metabolism and is eliminated from the body almost entirely by biotransformation. Its major metabolite in plasma (1′-hydroxy-bufuralol) is biologically active and may contribute to the pharmacological effect of the drug. The effect of renal failure on the behavior of the parent compound and three of(More)
The diet, weight and height of 38 non-institutionalized chronic opiate addicts have been assessed and compared to those of a random sample of the 20-35 year old general population of Canton Geneva, Switzerland. A history questionnaire was administered by specially trained dietitians. Results show that, after adjustment for age and alcohol intake, male(More)
Patients with renal insufficiency often react abnormally to a number of drugs. Small doses that are safe under normal conditions may cause severe and even fatal side-effects. As a consequence, modification of the usual drug dosage of these drugs in required in renal insufficiency. Since the risk of retention concerns only those drugs which are mainly(More)