J L Estrada Caballero

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Neuroendocrine cells are frequently found in gastric tumours, although they rarely make up more than one third of the total number of tumour cells. When juxtapositioning of the two kinds of tumour cells occurs a "collision tumour" is formed. These have been described to occur with varying frequency throughout the digestive tract. They are uncommon in the(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery has become the procedure of choice to deal with morbid and super-morbid obesity, with the greatest chance of success. The objectives of this study were: a) to analyse the evolution of the percentage of excess BMI lost (PEBMIL) and quality of life in the medium and long term after bariatric surgery; b) to evaluate the differences(More)
We report a case of granular cell tumor of the cystic duct. We have found only 47 such tumors of the biliary tract reported in the literature. Main symptoms at presentation are abdominal pain or obstructive jaundice. The clinical diagnosis is often difficult and the differential diagnosis is established with other more frequent conditions, including(More)
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