J L Eekhof

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We compared various electrodiagnostical tests in patients with hemifacial spasm and in patients who developed synkinesia after Bell's palsy. We examined the evoked blink reflexes in the orbicularis oculi (o. oculi) and orbicularis oris (o. oris) muscles in 23 patients with hemifacial spasm (HFS), in 10 patients with synkinesia after Bell's palsy (BPS) and(More)
Electromyographic (EMG) activity of orbicularis oculi and levator palpebrae muscles was recorded to study the origin of involuntary eyelid closure in 33 patients. The evoked blink reflex in all patients and in 23 controls was also studied. To examine the excitability of facial motoneurons and bulbar interneurons in individual patients and to compare the(More)
To investigate possible abnormalities of the blink reflex pathways, we analyzed the latencies and amplitudes of the blink reflex responses in the orbicularis oculi (Ooculi) muscle, following supraorbital nerve stimulation, in 19 patients with blepharospasm, 16 patients with torticollis spasmodica and 22 control subjects. Furthermore, in order to examine the(More)
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