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Both gallstones and coronary artery disease are associated with cholesterol. Therefore, the literature was searched for evidence that gallbladder disease can be considered a risk factor for coronary artery disease. The problem has been approached from several angles. Studies designed to discover whether lipid profiles associated with gallbladder disease are(More)
The syndrome of abdominal fullness and nausea, diaphoresis, chest pain, and ECG changes long has been associated with impending myocardial infarction. For a few patients, however, a working diagnosis of coronary ischemia is seen to be inaccurate on further testing, including stress testing and cardiac catheterization. Acute cholecystitis may cause a(More)
The osteopathic family practitioner of the future will play a larger role in the delivery of healthcare under managed care. To prepare for this role, osteopathic family practice residents must develop skills in direct medical care, medical education, and healthcare administration. Likewise, these residents need to become familiar with the clinical setting(More)
The author presents the case history of an obese patient in whom gallstones developed 5 months after she began a weight-loss program. Conservative management with chenodeoxycholic acid completely resolved cholelithiasis following four months of treatment. Gallstone-formation has traditionally been attributed to supersaturation of bile with cholesterol.(More)
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