J. – L. Clerc

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To each complex number λ is associated a representation πλ of the conformal group SO0(1, n) on C∞(Sn−1) (spherical principal series). For three values λ1, λ2, λ3, we construct a trilinear form on C∞(Sn−1)×C∞(Sn−1)×C∞(Sn−1), which is invariant by πλ1 ⊗πλ2 ⊗ πλ3 . The trilinear form, first defined for (λ1, λ2, λ3) in an open set of C is extended(More)
Bisoprolol is a new cardioselective beta1 adrenergic blocking agent without intrinsic sympathomimetic activity but with minimal effects on myocardial contractility. Bisoprolol was compared to propranolol in 24 patients after cardiac surgery for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). Each patient had been treated preoperatively with beta-blocking agents and(More)
A family (Dλ)λ∈C of differential operators on the sphere S n is constructed. The operators are conformally covariant for the action of the subgroup of conformal transformations of S which preserve the smaller sphere Sn−1 ⊂ S. The family of conformally covariant differential operators from S to Sn−1 introduced by A. Juhl is obtained by composing these(More)
Qp spaces on the unit disc were introduced, and their basic properties established, in 1995 by Aulaskari, Xiao and Zhao. Later some of these results were extended also to the unit ball or even to strictly pseudoconvex domains in the complex n-space. We briefly review the theory of bounded symmetric domains, of which the disc and the ball are the simplest(More)