J. L. Caillot

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BACKGROUND Peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) is a common evolution of digestive cancer, associated with a poor prognosis. Yet it is poorly documented in the literature. METHODS Three hundred seventy patients with PC from non-gynecologic malignancies were followed prospectively: the PC was of gastric origin in 125 cases, of colorectal origin in 118 cases, of(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis of digestive tract origin die within 6 months. Intraperitoneal chemohyperthermia (IPCH) associated with surgery has been reported as a possible new therapeutic approach. METHODS A prospective Phase II trial was carried out with 83 patients who had digestive tract cancer and peritoneal carcinomatosis(More)
A new case of congenital cyst of the pancreas is reported. A 34-year-old woman was admitted with a painless, large, epigastric mass. Ultrasonography revealed an anechogenic retrogastric tumor. Computed tomography scan described a liquid cyst of the pancreas which was 15 cm in diameter. During surgery, a well-delimited translucent cyst was found and no local(More)
Central venous catheters allow for the most rapid hemodialysis procedure with sparing of peripheral blood vessels. 32 flexible, double-lumen "permcath" catheters were implanted to 27 patients over a period spanning 42 months (February 86-August 89). Catheter placement was definitive in 2 cases while another 30 provided previsory intravenous access for(More)
INTRODUCTION Pyogenic liver abscess often revealed by right sided abdominal pain and fever is a serious and life-threatening pathology. Biliary tract disease is the origin of the abscess in most cases but sometimes remains unidentified. A sigmoid septic source sometimes paucisymptomatic or hidden by an immunosuppressive treatment must be looked for. (More)
27 patients were admitted in the Digestive intensive care unit of Croix-Rousse Hospital after a massive bowel resection (residual bowel 120 cm). The etiology was of vascular origin in 15 cases. The length of intestine was nil in 4 cases, between 20 and 50 cm in 12 cases, and between 50 and 120 cm in 11 cases. A colon resection was performed in 20 cases. For(More)
The French Cancer Plan 2003-2007 has made translational research central to its research programme, to ensure the care-research continuum and the quickest application possible for the most recent discoveries, for the patients' benefit. This is a new field of research, still little-known or ill-understood. A working group, composed of physicians and(More)
INTRODUCTION Laparoscopic gastrostomy according to Janeway (LGJ) is an alternative to percutaneous gastrostomy techniques. METHODS A series of 10 LGJ is reported. The laparoscopic technique involves an isoperistaltic tube of 6-7 cm of length and 10-12 mm of diameter is created by 2 applications of linear stapling and cutting device. The tube is led out,(More)