J. L. Brenner

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In this article, a set of matr ices is defined, and the complete solution of each matr ix is given. The matr ices have a rb i t r a ry dimension, and a large number of parameters . By adjus t ing these parameters , a matr ix of a rb i t ra ry dimension can be constructed which has two eigenvectors t ha t are near ly coincident, which is deficient (has fewer(More)
The elliptic elements of M, each with two conjugate complex fixed points, are precisely the conjugates of nontrivial powers of A and B. The parabolic elements, each with a single real fixed point, are precisely the conjugates of nontrivial powers of C = AB: z ~ z + 1. The remaining nontrivial elements of M are hyperbolic, each with two real fixed points. A(More)
The existing literature on attitudes towards immigration has not accounted for the potential effect of unobservable home education on attitude formation. Yet, factors such as parents’ knowledge, their morals, and their weltanschauung are likely to influence the attitudes of the next generation. Their omission from the analysis thus threatens to lead to(More)
s of all papers presented at the meeting are given below. Papers read by title are indicated by the letter tJ Paper number 367 was presented by Mr. Todd, number 379 by Professor Jennings, and number 402 by Mr. Carter. Professor Volkoff and Mr. Carter were introduced by Professor R. D. James. ALGEBRA AND THEORY OF NUMBERS 364^. Richard Bellman: On the number(More)
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  • 1954
A routine can be so programmed that the first factor is computed first; if this factor is negative or 0, the routine skips the rest of the program. If the first factor is positive, this lower bound is useful especially because of the ease with which the elements of the matrix can be scaled. It is to be remarked that the bounds of this note apply without(More)
The four hundred ninety-second meeting of the American Mathematical Society was held at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, on May 2, 1953. Attendance was approximately 120, including the following 88 members of the Society: H. L. Alder, C. B. Allendoerfer, T. M. Apostol, H. M. Bacon, E. M. Beesley, Donald C. Benson, Stefan Bergman, Kurt Bing, W. W.(More)
The working papers published in the Series constitute work in progress circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comments. Views expressed represent exclusively the authors' own opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors. Ruhr Graduate School in Economics ECON Bibliografische Information der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Die Deutsche(More)