J L Blais

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We describe caudosacral and caudal vertebral morphology across life history stages in three caudate amphibians: Ambystoma jeffersonianum (Ambystomatidae), Desmognathus ocoee (Plethodontidae: Desmognathinae), and Hemidactylium scutatum (Plethodontidae: Plethodontinae). All three species have aquatic larvae, but adults differ in habitat and predator defense(More)
  • Mattison, K Grudeski, E Auk, B Charest, Drews Sj, Fritzinger A +17 others
  • 2010
ticenter comparison of two norovirus ORF2-based genotyping protocols.multaneous detection and identifi cation of hepatitis A virus and rotavirus by mul-tiplex nucleic acid sequence-based am-plifi cation (NASBA) and microtiter plate hybridization system. Use of norovirus genotype profi les to differentiate origins of foodborne outbreaks. Estimation of(More)
The authors present a case of longstanding luxation of the left temporo-mandibular joint, leading to prognathism with lateral deviation. The functional and aesthetic problems due to this deformity were advantageously corrected by saggital cleavage of the ascending left ramus, after previous orthodontic treatment and study on Chateau's articulator.
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